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The BRS BioResonance System is a special combination of two devices, addressed to therapists and wellness professionals it provides BioResonance treatments aimed to the re-equilibrium and maintenance of the psycho-physical wellness.
The BRS, by stimulating the organism self-regulation systems, in a non-invasive manner, doesn’t work exclusively on the symptoms but it contributes to unlock the causes that act at the root of problems, through a highly individual approach that guarantees a much more accurate focus on the person.

Basically, the tool can be defined as an awareness enhancer that enables people to listen to themselves from a different point of view – the energetic one – in order to increase their own sense of Self and getting prepared for the healing.

The following represent only some of the conditions the BRS system is useful to treat as excellent support tool for a conscious and integrated therapeutic path, even for more complex disorders:

  • stress

  • insomnia and sleep disorders pain

  • headache

  • skin diseases

  • anxiety and panic attacks depression

  • chronic fatigue and tiredness lack of energy – asthenia fibromyalgia

  • nausea

  • weakened immune system

What is BioResonance

BioResonance technique is based on the biofeedback mechanism and it uses the electromagnetic signals naturally emitted by the organism in order to generate a frequency treatment that can be useful for an optimal restore and reset of the individual well-being and equilibrium state.

Every living organism can be considered as a system that adapts constantly both to external (exogenous) and internal environment (endogenous). In order to reach the organism equilibrium state, there is the need of a correct flow of information among the cells or a correct bio-communication. BioResonance, that is non-invasive and painless, performs where this communication among cells turns “out to be altered and inappropriate.

Since these informations translate at cell level into frequencies (every biological process, even the pathological one, is in effect characterized by typical “frequency patterns”), BioResonance treatment reads signals proper of the person to transmits them to the organism with constant monitoring of the reaction feedback.

This with the aim of restoring the proper transfer of information that govern life processes, by removing at the same time disturbing signals. The organism itself, through the BioResonance treatment and thanks to its own self-regulation systems, selects among received amplified signals those that can be used and those to be filtered.

the book of nature is written in the language of mathematics

Galileo Galilei


“The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to the previous dimension”
Albert Einstein

How to propose BRS to the client/patient

Stress and disorders related to it, from the simplest to the most complex, they represent a continuously increasing phenomenon among the current population. Suffice it to think about sleep disorders, about which almost the 10% of the population of our countries is affected, or the problems related to anxiety, of which about the 15-20% of the population suffers. It is therefore easy to understand how treatments provided by the BRS system, being aimed at managing this type of problems from the root, they are very simple to propose and appealing to a large number of people. Also, being the treatments operator-independent and with an average duration of only 20 to 30 minutes, the costs for the therapist are easily manageable, which makes the investment for the purchase of the device sustainable and quickly recoverable, while maintaining a cost for the customer / patient accessible.

Why does the client / patient choose BioResonace via BRS?

  • Treatment of widespread conditions
  • Accessible treatment cost
  • Short treatment duration

Functions and applications

BioField detection

Every living organism, man included, radiates an electromagnetic field in a specific frequency range. By means of the BRS BioResonance System, it is possible to make that field, named BioField, measurable in a repeatable way, even at several meters away, in an experience that helps us to understand that we are much more than what we see.

Visual Stimulation

It’s a BioResonance System advanced configuration that allows to experience our own energy status through a special chromatic visual stimulation.By using specifically designed electrodes and the Mind-Resonator led glasses (included in the supply with the tool), the person visualizes colored patterns starting from a white pulsed light, in an extremely subjective and fascinating experience that has as final result the achievement of an induced status of good mood, by
rending this treatment particularly useful in the support of anti-depressant treatments.

Cardiac Training

BRS BioResonance System allows to use client’s own electromagnetic signal in bio-feedback, in order to obtain a stimulating or soothing effect at demand, allowing the effects reproduction of an intense physical training alternated with rest, or of a cold-hot bath, with the result of reducing stress and stimulating mind and body.

Autoregulation BioFeedback

The basic configuration of BRS BioResonance System consists of body signal acquisition through electrodes positioned in contact with the skinamplified signal re-forwarding to the person through electrical, magnetic, sound and/or light applicatorssignal amplification until the experience becomes perceptible by the person. The person is treated in a continuous biofeedback, through a pleasant and non-invasive approach, focused exclusively on the stimulation of endogenous autoregulation mechanisms. In addition, it is possible to modulate in frequency the BioResonance signal, by choosing also specific frequencies from focused database (Ex. Rife and Clark frequencies), harmonic frequencies and even music files.

Heart Rate Variability

The electromagnetic signal acquired by BRS System can be sent in a simple manner to a PC and, thanks to the use of a dedicated software, it is possible to implement individual Heart Rate Variability analyses (HRV), deducing important indicative indicators of the state of health of the client and the balancing of his sympatho-vagal nervous system

Substance Imprinting

Thanks to a little cockpit in the device, it is possible to magnetize a substance with the magnetic field of the BioResonance signal or with signals sent by an external source or taken by other substances, with a direct substance information transfer, creating some real personalized remedies.

What feels who experienced the BRS System?

Those who have tried the BRS claim to have experienced a deep state of inner listening, like it can be reached through meditation, psychotherapy, autogenous training or other listening techniques of one’s inner self and one’s own body.

Everyone agrees that the BRS System is a great tool for raising awareness during a therapeutic path done of discovery and change of the intimate and deep causes of own illnesses.The state of well-being achieved thanks to the new state of psycho-physical balance, involves an evident improvement of all stress-related conditions, as states of anxiety and sleep disorders.

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