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Bio-T Technologies for Life offers you the opportunity to become one of our representatives or affiliates in your territory.

We are looking for new talent to help us in our task of extending our client range to a larger number of countries around the world. Our principal aim is to be readily available to as many of our clients as possible. Join us and help shape the future of CIEM System!

Bio-T is constantly looking for new partners
to establish direct distribution agreements



As our official Representative YOU

  • Will have all the training necessary to understand the workings and the potential of the CIEM System

  • Will have a specific training on how to become a powerful representative, organize your courses and trainings

  • Will have all our marketing support in your territory

  • Will have the opportunity to gain income and establish a sustainable organization in your country doing a powerful business with the CIEM System

  • Will earn commission on the sales of hardware and software systems made by your referrals, having your personal network

  • Participate to our webinars for your knowledge and to present potential customers

  • Investing in a sustainable and ethic job supporting therapist, coaches, veterinary, bio-architects, agronomists who really wants to make the difference in the world enhancing wellbeing and performance for their clients throughout the world. The potential market for our is so wide that you can be interested only in a small part of it and it will be enough to create a reliable business.

  • Will be in direct contact with our technicians and staff so you will always be informed of all our newest projects, upgrades and promotions.

  • Bring your clients to our courses to be helped in sales

  • Affiliate your leads and customer to our online academy to help you do diffuse our knowledge and introduce people to the change we are bringing with the CIEM and to learn how to use it.


As our official Affiliate YOU:

  • Will have access to representative’s world and to all previous Advantages, to help diffusion of the CIEM System in the way you prefer and receiving income by affiliating other clients

  • We will give you all the tools to help affiliation programs.

Our distribution strategy is based on mutual trust, which translates to profitable business for both parties. 

REQUIREMENTS for Representatives:

  • Desire to become e fully independent representatives of our products establishing an own sustainable activity

  • Be fluent in the English or Spanish or Italian language to communicate with us and to learn all is needed about the system and the marketing and sales strategies

  • Have a basic knowledge in the field of technology and computer technology

  • Have the CIEM Systems IS, FS, BRS, EAS and have confidence with all functions of the Systems (or be in partnership with one or more operators working with the system at high levels) to guarantee a perfect training to customers.

  • Have participated to our course for representatives agreeing with our guidelines

  • Have an extensive local market knowledge and relevant contacts

  • Investing in marketing for the territory

  • Investing time and efforts to participate to our seminars and webinars to remain updated

  • To close a certain number of sales depending on the territory and the operating fields of the market: Human, Veterinary, Environment, Agricolture

  • Participate actively to our community programs bringing testimonials and producing material for it

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