Treat clients with the mathematic of frequencies

The Frequency System allows you can broadcast customized frequency treatments using different forms of energy – sound, electric, magnetic and light – in two ways:

  • Single channel treatment
    broadcast any informational treatment set through the IS system for a more rapid and effective approach. In addition, utilize a database of more than 2,000 disease specific frequencies (including the complete database of Rife and Clark), to improve certain conditions immediately through a sort of “ electromagnetic remedy” without any side effects.

  • Dual-channel treatment
    use the interference generated by two different output channels, working with 3D polarity system, specific frequencies and mathematical sequences such as the Fibonacci or Solfeggio sequence, Binaural Tones, different Musical Scales and Harmonics, all broadcasted through two separate and independent frequency channels and combined in specific protocols, which help the therapist in a conscious and targeted use.

The Advanced Frequency panel allows to choose from several parameters (type of wave, amplitude, phase, frequency) as well as to find the resonant individualized treatment for each customer based on the analysis results with the hologram generator.

In summary:

  • Individualized treatment of the client using sound, electricity, magnetism,light and sound

  • Individualized scanning of the client for detection of the resonant specific treatment

  • Unique 3D polarity system treatment

  • Advanced protocols of evaluation and setting Large frequency database for the treatment of specific disorders (Rife and Clark)

  • Ability to interface with IS or BRS systems to offer individual integrated for specific treatments with information and energy

If you want to understand the secret of the universe, think in terms
of energy, frequency and vibration

Nikola Tesla